Ooooo I saw some new spring lovelies today!

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  1. When I was in the Chanel store this morning, my SA also showed me some of the new items that just came in for spring. (Sorry I didn't take any pics) One was a PST in burnt orange (almost brownish..very fall-looking imo), a bunch of silver-metallic flap styles that were not leather but very cute and roomy, and a few gigantic fabric bags in shades of white that we weren't sure what they'd be used for. (overnight bag? gym bag?)
  2. Ooooooo...Girl!!! I have been looking for pictures of the PST in burnt orange!!! :wtf: Please go back and take that pic!!! :nuts:
  3. Yes, I would love to see PST in orange color as well.
  4. ^me three~!
  5. I hope a pfer got one of that bag and post it here~
  6. Burnt orange - OMG - that's the color I've been looking for. Is that color coming out in any other bag or just the PSt?

  7. Its not the orange I was expecting...I figured for spring it'd be brighter, but its very fall-looking.
    The SA said that the Jumbo flap is coming out in yellow and navy lambskin too!