ooooo crap, i am so tempted for this LE piece right now...

  1. That reference thread is evil isn't it? As Habibty & I are working through it I keep finding new bags to add to my wish list!!!

    I would get it!!! On the runway it looks so casual...yet can be dressy too!!
  2. i wish i had the cash :sad: do you know what it retailed for? it would be between this and the amarante sunset blvd which i am awaiting my call...
  3. ^^^I don't know what retail was....going back that far no one knew :sad:
    But shoot...$600 isn't too bad...and the Amarante will be around for at least 6 months!
  4. bahh i know. i'll hold out on this one though, i think the silver really caught my eye instead. still afraid i'll never find this ever again but i guess it's the chance i take :sad: i've been waiting for my sunset and amarante for forever. i just discovered this today.
  5. they come up fairly often and never sell for that much sunset is permanent so go for the LE good price too
  6. if they come up fairly often i suppose i'll wait.
  7. Yea...I just found myself looking at bags I would never have searched for before!!! Sometimes this place is EVIL!
  8. lol i know. can't wait till i'm finished with my "staples" so i can just wait and save up for all the LE coming out. right now it's hard to juggle and decide what i want! i can't handle both permanent and LE items at the same time! lol
  9. Wow it's all shiny!:nuts: lol
    Never seen that before the price looks good
    BUY IT!
  10. I wouldn't worry about it- if you really want the silver, I'd hold out for it. They show up pretty often and never go very high. Go get that gorgeous Amarante Sunset Blvd!
  11. well if you like the silver better then i think you should wait. man im waiting for my sunset too...i know its out in stores already but why aren't they calling me either?!
  12. ARGH now what if it doesn't come up again oh no it'll be all my fault if you miss it
  13. How about get it and then if you see a silver one sell this on and get the silver?
    Or You could wait till you see a silver one i guess !
    Just brain storming here!
    But you don't want to end up kicking yourself!
  14. Twiggers, evil is right, but oh so fun and drool worthy!
    :yes: :drool: :heart: