Oooohhhh! Suspense! Going to look at Mirage Speedy!!!

  1. I just called LV and found a store that has both Noir and Bordeaux....just waiting for my son to get up from his nap and then I am on my way!!! So excited!!! I will let you guys know what happens-

    Will a Speedy come home with me today? Will she be Noir or Bordeaux???

    Oh the suspense is killing me!!!!!!!!!
  2. Can't wait to find out what you get!
  3. Ohhh, I'm SOOOO sure you'll get a bordeaux (though Noir is equally lovely~)!!! It's simply stunning~! Hurry back and tell us~~~~!
  4. Can't wait to find out what you get....can't you make some noise so your ds wakes up! ;P Just kidding, I never wake a sleeping baby (I have 4)! =)

    Hope you like the Mirage as much as I LoVe mine (I got the Noir--more practical)! ;P
  5. I hope she's Noir!!! :nuts:
  6. Ah, so much fun. Pictures cannot capture how beautiful these bags are in person. The bordeaux is particularly spectacular - like a sunset at the bottom of the bag.
    But I LoVe my Noir :heart:
    Let us know what captured your eye at the store.
  7. How exciting. Please post pics when you get home.
  8. I wanted to come home today with a Noir....but settled with a mono... SHow me what you got so I can covet:smile:
  9. sooo what did you get?! haha
  10. Ooooh.... I can't wait to find out which color caught your eye! Noir or Bordeaux or both???? Do tell us!
  11. Bordeaux??!!!.. Hurry Hurry HOme!!!.. we're wating.. counting..
  12. jbcesq: Let us know which color you chose! I got a call from my SA this morning and the store has both Noir and Bordeaux. I'm going there after work to see which color I like best.
  13. This is really exciting! Looking forward to your news!
  14. So.... we are still waiting!!! :popcorn:
  15. How exciting! Either one would be amazing. Bourdeaux won my heart first, but now I would like to give her a noir twin brother.