oooohhh... 2002 flat brass balenciaga

  1. oh i looovvvee it! :love:
  2. I just asked about this bag in the Authenticate this Balenciaga thread.

    WOW! Great to know it's authentic - and a steal!!!
  3. Definitely authentic!!!! So beautiful, it's third season with all of the trimmings! Lovely :love:
  4. Ooohh... temptations!! It'll be a steal if there isn't any major bidding wars. Wished there was a BIN!
  5. OMG! I was just looking at this bag and was so excited because I have wanted an older black classique SO BAD! Nobody else bid on it, okay??!! :P
  6. Great price! I wonder how high it will's hard to say, people were buying like crazy for a while on eBay and now it seems to have slowed down.
  7. ^^I really hope it has because I WANT THIS BAG!
  8. I find it really amusing that there's definitely a balenciaga "market" that fluctuates from time to time. :amuse:
  9. this bag is so gorgeous! it's tempting me... alot...
    is it wrong to bid on 2 b-bags in one week? :shame:
  10. ^^yes, very wrong! :P
  11. ^lol :lol:
    i may or may not bid depending on what happens...
    i've noticed that early bidding always seems to raise the price unnecessarily.
    i'll be watching though! :graucho:
  12. I know, i think I jumped the gun, but someone else had already started bidding and I panicked.
  13. avery,

    Fear not! As with the lilac bags, there will be others like this bag that come available. Bide your time and wait- if you don't get this one, another will be along shortly, grasshopper. ;) :love:
  14. WOW ... what a rare, gorgeous bag :heart: !!!!! Good luck avery :yes: ;)
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