Oooohh! do you guys think I should get this?

  1. It's cute..I saw it at Saks the other's really flat so keep that in mind..but it is cute!
  2. flat meaning you don't think it would fit a lot? or flat meaning plain looking
  3. it looks flat, "no depth", so you may not be able to carry all of your essentials.....that is, if you tend to carry lots on a daily basis....
  4. i saw it at the tysons Neiman Marcus they had a ton of them there in the red and navy...i though it was kinda plain
  5. I bought the large cognac during the first mark down and ended up returning it. It was indeed too plain. Maybe the red will make it pop more. I would also go for the medium size, maybe if it's smaller it will look better. Good price though.
  6. Its fierce GET IT!!! its yummy!!!
  7. Ohhh! I was going to buy that one!! Get it get it get it!!!!!!!!!
  8. Flat meaning you won't be able to fit much in it..but the red color in itself is very it and see if you really like can always return it if you change your mind.
  9. i love the color, so stunning!