Ooooh yay!

  1. Got the new catalogs in at work tonight for the spring collection. It's all sooooo pretty!
  2. ooooo! can you post pics of it or do you know when it will be in stores!?!? yay:graucho:
  3. i will try and make my husband scan it, i am totally computer illiterate. the catalog should be out in my store (a factory store in southern cali) tonight. a lot of the things say that they will be available in february.

    there's colors called geranium, grass, green, buckskin, rose. they are all soooo pretty!
  4. grass, green, rose? Can't wait.
  5. rose...i want not grass green....
  6. OMG! Pics PLEASE!! :wtf: :yes:
  7. We all need PICS!!!! We are dying here!! Rose I have to see this!!
  8. New posting about a new catalog that no one else has seen unless you're posting pics too!!

  9. I NEED PICS!!!! :drool::drool::drool::woohoo:
  10. Oohh rose.. can't wait to see pics!!!

  11. My very first Coach bag I purchased, was in a color called grass green. Still have it, still love it to death...still get tons of compliments on it when I break it out of retirement!

    can't wait!
  12. What bags are there? New Carly colors or legacy? I love seeing what's coming out!
  14. Please post pics for us!!!!!
  15. pics pics pics!!! :nuts: