Ooooh! This Marc by Marc Jacobs bag is HOT!

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  1. i hope your kidding?
  2. ^ :lol: i think she is. well, at least it'll keep you organized with its abundance of pockets. the only downside is you'd better have a good memory. when the subway is coming and you're in a rush to get your metrocard out, you'll definitely miss the train if you're standing there opening and closing all five pockets trying to find it.
  3. ^^ lol
  4. that's totally awesome...reminds me of the cubbies we had in 1980's colors too no doubt!
  5. I don't even know what to say....:throwup::shocked::throwup:
  6. :dots:
  7. i have that bag! got in on sale when i was in NY and i need a big bag to carry all my crap. but i wouldn't call it hot!
  8. HAHAHAHAHA thats hilarious :x
  9. lol, it's functional, all those pockets are good for something.....trying to look on the bright side of things.....doesn't look all that bad guys.
  10. oh...functional..that's a word....maybe it's good to keep your crayons and pencil sharpeners in...paper's like an office drawer organzier only in bag form.
  11. I can't find anything nice to say about it.
  12. haha...thats all I can say