OOOOH! New Damier Alma!!!

  1. YAY- here she is! I :love: her! DH says she is "very classy." It's always nice when he approves! :biggrin:
  2. I:heart:Damier Alma!!! SO BEAUTIFUL!!! CONGRATS!
  3. Wow, that IS striking in damier!!! Congrats and enjoy!!!
  4. One classic beauty!
  5. Congrats Redd,it's beautiful!
  6. Congrats, enjoy!
  7. Congrats! Its classy and gorgeous!
  8. Congrats.
  9. Beautiful bag! I love it.
  10. She is gorgeous, congrats and enjoy!
  11. Class all the way!!!!!!!!! Just like its owner ;)
  12. Aw, thank you girls. You are very sweet. :smile:
  13. WOW! Its beautiful! IMO the Alma looks so much better in Damier! You made a great choice! xxx
  14. And the best part is that you don't have to worry about the bottom leather the way you do with a mono canvas Alma. That's what keeps me from carrying mine more often -- I'm paranoid about something awful getting on the bottom vachetta leather!
  15. That is really pretty! I love that Alma! Wow, what a beauty, congrats!