OOOOh! Lets Hurry Up and Wait!! AARGH!!!

  1. Is it just me or am I the only one who hates when a new exciting thread comes up that someone is going to share their brand new LV, so you click on it and its a brown box...... one after the other......after the we wait:whistle: .....and wait:popcorn: .......and yet wait some more:wacko: !!! OH yeah it a LV paper bag!!!!:shame: ......30min. later its the dust cover:confused1: .......30 more min. later its the dust cover opening up....then 2 hours later (if were lucky we get to see what the darned thing is):hysteric: The only problem is its been so long we've completely forgotten about the thread in the first place:sleepy: . Maybe Im just being a turd. How do you feel about this??:shrugs:
  2. LOL I love "strip teases" because they're so much fun!
    Personally I try not to make everyone wait too long, I usually have the revealing post ready and all I have to do is press Post...
    But yeah! When the tease is taking too long, it does get a little frustrating!
  3. I really hate it. That kind of posting has become my number 1 pet peeve. I'm just not built for patience! I've never done that and never will. I know some of us just go crazy waiting for the pics. A little teasing is OK, like 5 minutes or so. But to go on for hours or until the next day---COME ON!!:hysteric:
  4. I agree. IMO I think unless it's some rare LE piece the whole unveiling process is not necessary. Even if it is a LE piece the process should not exceed more than 2 pictures.
  5. Or 10 minutes for that matter.
  6. It started out with one or two people doing it a while ago, like Michelle said for like a LE piece, and then people just took it and ran with it. Is it really necessary to do a 2 day unveiling of another speedy? Those are the ones that frustrate me the most ,You seen one speedy you seen them all right:shrugs:
  7. I agree with Michelle :yes:

    These kind of drawn out posts sorta remind me of "celebrities" who are desperate to stretch out their 15 minutes of fame :lol:

  8. :yes: Excellent metaphore!
  9. It does kinda wear on your patience.. and I don't like clicking on the picture only to see a brown bag aarg!!
  10. as soon as I see the box...
    I move on to the next thread...
    I just come back to check after a day... if it's still there.
  11. oh c'mon let those ladies have their fun!
  12. I totally agree. When I come across these types of threads, I just hit the return button and the rest is history. For the most part, I never return and leave a comment.
  13. I just move on to the next thread...:yes: :jammin:
  14. FUN???? I want to see the prize, not a bag or a box, especially since we have to click on each one. Who has the time? Can we make it a rule to only post pics of the actual item and bypass bags, boxes and dustbag??? Please???
  15. i don't even bother waiting. i usually just check back a couple of hours later. and yes, this is a bit rich coming from me, because i post the teaser photos and go out for hours before posting the actual items :lol: