OOOOH it's here!!!! Gigi's REPLACEMENT!! COME SEE!!

  1. so remember when i said i took back my gigi? :crybaby:

    well, here's her replacement :graucho:...but of course i have to tease you a bit!! :p

    let's see if ya'll can guess what it is:

  2. a bleeker in Ink? But I don't know which one specifically...the duffle?? Is that the right name?

    It's not the one I thought though...I thought it would be something in Plum!!
  3. Bleecker, but which one!! You naughty girl! Show us!!!!
  4. You are so mean!!! Show us lady!! :smile:
  5. :search:
  6. it's a bleeker, from the huge hangtag with the coach buggy on it. but i'm not very familiar with the bleeker line yet, so i'm not sure what type of bleeker.
  7. INK!!!!!!! :drool::drool::drool:

    f5 f5 f5 f5
  8. Is that the Bleecker duffle in Ink?
  9. Show Us
    Show Us
    Show Us
    Show Us
    Show Us
  10. let us see......
  11. tease ;)
  12. Oh're killin' me!!!! Show us!!!!!
  13. This is no longer funny, show the bag!!!

    My guess, Bleeker Duffle in INK!?!
  14. the funny thing is...i've always HATED posts like these before!! :cursing:


    but I will post pics in few!!! :okay:
  15. Oh....the suspense is killing me...

    Did I also mention that such teasing is just rude?:graucho:

    Kidding. Can't wait to see what it is. You'd better post lots of pics, sister, or there'll be a riot 'round these parts!