OOOOH! I just LOVE my new Choco. Med. Cotton Carly and.........

  1. matching wallet, perfume and shoes!!! YIIPPEEEEEE!!! The Carly is from e-bay, just got it today:nuts: , the wallet & perfume from Coach:yes: and tennies from Macys F&F:cutesy: . Ive been busy:yahoo:
    Ebay Pics 276.jpg Ebay Pics 274.jpg Ebay Pics 275.jpg
  2. It looks good! Did you get it for a good price?

    I like these but I'm worried I would get it dirty easily.
  3. That wristlet looks So good with the Chocolate Sig!!! Your stuff look so yummy - congrats!
  4. Oooh. Good loot!
  5. nice!!! good job!
  6. I love all your new goodies!!
    What is the name of the shoes? They are so cute!
  7. Cool!! The bag is so gorgeous- I never get tired of seeing pics of the new Carlys!! Enjoy your new goodies :wlae:
  8. Thanks SilverSea!
    They are called the Elen Sneaker:smile:

  9. Yeah, not too bad at all:smile:
  10. Wow!!! Love the carly and the shoes are so cute!!! ou got lots of great stuff!!! Congrats!!!!
  11. SO pretty! Great haul! Enjoy!
  12. Everything is so cute *-* congrats!
  13. Great stuff! The carly's are so pretty
  14. What a beatiful bounty!! I bought the large denim Carly and I also got your wallet in the denim. I just love this cotton fabric. Those sneakers are great-love the color!
  15. I love everything!! ahhh I'm sooo getting that perfume next weekend!! lol