ooooh i don't like this mbmj bag

  1. this is one of the first bags i don't like that mj did. i saw a woman at church wearing it and i looked at my mj and thought, "mine is way prettier." i shouldn't be thinking that at church huh?

  2. :wtf: i dont like it either

    for some reason it kind of scares me, it reminds me of a scarecrow
  3. ^^I can see the scarecrow thing!

    I don't care for it much either. It reminds me of the Patchwork line from LV which I don't think is very attractive. :push:

    And LOL mslgrrl at your "wrong" thought at church!!
  4. it does look like part of a scarecrow's sleeve. it also reminds me of when i was in 6th grade and tried to make bags out of my old jeans...haha
  5. :yucky: pass And to think I just made a post saying how much I adored MBMJ