Ooooh, Hubby called from Hermes in Geneva!

  1. hubby called earlier (I was chatting to Perja) from Hermes in Geneva. We spoke for about 30 seconds before he said he had to go and hung up on me. WTH???? Anyway, he called back about 15 minuts ago and said he bought be a present. I wonder what it could be????? :shrugs: I know it won't be a bag, but I'm hoping he might have bought me a scarf.

    He should be home in about 3 hours :graucho:
  2. Fun! Can't wait for the outcome!
  3. wow !!! just waiting to see ur surprise gift:girlsigh:
  4. I love suprises from H! Can't wait for the big reveal!
  5. Was there anything else he might have thought of?? Can't wait!!!
  6. That would be a shocker if it is a bag!

    We all will be waiting to hear.
  7. :popcorn:
  8. :popcorn:
  9. :biggrin: I'm waiting too!
  10. YAAAAYYYYY!!! another awesome H DH!!! can't wait to see ur surprise!!!
  11. Oooh!!!! That's so sweet of him!!!
  12. Poo, his flight's been delayed another hour. He wouldn't give me any hints, except to say that it's worth staying awake for. Now, I absolutely know this won't be a bag, but a little H will make me happy.
  13. oh Cal thats exciting - wonder what it is!

    Be sure to let us all know
  14. Ooooh I can't wait!
  15. cal, whatever it is, i know it's going to be fab! good luck!

    4 hours feels like eternity!