Oooo What did I just get??

  1. My oober sweet friend Jon just sent me this in da mail...
    Wonder what it could be.....


  2. What is it??????? Come on and tell!!!!!
  3. Looks like the chain!
  4. :wtf: What isiitt! :nuts:

    P.s OMG 1,000 posts :nuts:

  6. Well, I dunno what it is..But....

  7. A CD-ROM of something?
  8. ohh la la, tell us how it goes!
  9. I have no clue what this is?! It's a CD about the release of the Cerises Charm limited addition. It's got pictures on the CD of the charm. And a photo of the charm. But this was released in 05. Weird!!
  10. Hmm, cerises charm?

    What's in the CD?
  11. Oh! Its real pretty!
  12. lol..I thought you were referring to the bag behind the cd! LOL...
  13. So cute
  14. It's very pretty!
  15. neat!