oooo the new metallic red 2008 is on ebay!!

  1. WOW it's gorgeous
  2. What's with that chain? It looks like thin wire. It's red all right, but difficult to judge true color due to the flash glare.
  3. That RED is HOTTT! :drool:
  4. love that red but not that chain
  5. I'm not crazy about that bag. I think it's because of the chain. Maybe I'd feel differently if I saw it in person.
  6. I love love love the red but what's with the chain ...?
  7. The chain could be kind of cool but I would want to see it in person. IMO this bag would look better with silver. Does anyone know if it's really authentic? I saw a gorgeous black patent metallic flap in Chanel Madison, but it was more like the classic flap.
  8. Oooh! Pretty color. The reissues should be a distressed leather, so hopefully that makes them a bit less shiny.
  9. That red is pretty! I wish there was a better shot of the chain...I can't tell what I think about that yet.
  10. Wow! Will the reissues be gold or silver h/w?
  11. It kind of looks like it would make the most fabulous evening bag with that chain! I want to pop a bright red lipstick on and work it!

    I will email the seller for some close ups of the chain, maybe a modelling shot :tup:
  12. Who gets bags that aren't even in stores yet?
  13. I was wondering the same Jayne! Its either a Chanel employee, or a v v good customer I am guessing
  14. It is a pretty red but when did Chanel start putting mirror inside the flap? It look s a little suspicious.