Oooo Marc Jacobs store opening in London in March!!! :D

  1. Sorry but WOO!
  2. YAY! you can pick up MJs that aren't carried at Sefridges and other dept stores!
  3. I think so! Im not positive though, just read it in Elle :smile:
  4. :yahoo: Opens 16 Feb according to Vogue!!! :yahoo: :yahoo:
  5. Congrats London Friends!!
  6. Is it collection, MBMJ, or both? That's great news :smile:
  7. yay whereabouts will it be?
  8. [SIZE=-1] 24-25 Mount Street in Mayfair....
    I'm even more excited to move to Brighton now, I'll be like 1 hour away from total gorgeousness! Wooooooooooo! :yahoo:
  9. I thought I read in the NY Post that it was a MBMJ and that's why he was doing the spring show for MBMJ in London instead of NY
  10. I'm very jealous!! Congrats! :smile: