Oooo, I am finally the proud owner of an 07 Black City! :)

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  1. she is :yahoo::tup::drool:


    And with my little Bal. Family :smile:


    My amazing bf also got me a tiffanys charm bracelet, but Im gonna post that in the jewellry thread in case any of you fancy peekin! :smile:

    Woo!!! Do you girls keep the mirror attached?
  2. Wow...gorgeous City! Congrats! I've been craving a black Bbag myself and this just fuels the desire! I usually just stick the mirror in the dust bag. Enjoy! :tup:
  3. wow! congrats! love the coin purses too! sweet bf! :heart::tup:
  4. oo lovely!
  5. Incredibly Gorgeous!!! :love::love::love:
  6. VW- you finally took the plunge!!

    congrats girl.........its awesome!!
  7. Gorgeous!!! That leather is gorgeous and so is the depth of the black! You got a good one.:tup:
  8. congrats! your black city is perfect! i always take my mirror off. i never use it.
  9. Gorgeous...that leather looks fabulous!!!!!
  10. beautiful - congrats!
  11. Congratulations! I keep the mirror but hang it on the inside because I use it quite often.
  12. Gorgeous!!!! Love the mini coins too ! Congrats ;)
  13. Nice choice! I usually keep the mirror in the dustbag too.
  14. ahhh black city! yours is GORGEOUS!
  15. LOVELY, congrats!!!! (Adorable CP's, too)

    BTW, I always take the mirror off and store with my cards/extra tassels.