OOOKK..Final purchases for the month...I PROMISE!!! Just a few small things!

Jun 3, 2006
Austin, Texas
Great deals on some more accessories!! I love the bay for the accessories!! These pics are all from ebay, seeeing as they are in transit at the moment

$35 (that's including shipping)

$32 (shipping included)

$50 total (free ship)...that's cheaper than what I can buy at the boutique I save about 8 dollars plus tax plus the cost of gas

I'm eyeing some shoes of course...but they don't end until Monday...the seller has relisted them twice and they havn't sold...I'm made an offer but she said no...but since they didn't sell I'm going to try and talk her down again :tup:

So all I need to be completely satisfied are those shoes...a sig stripe patent wallet to match my plum set...and the plum patent mini skinny and wristlet...hopefully I get a PCE in Sept and then life will be complete...then I will be DONE! So close yet so far