first reveal...please come in!!!

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  1. Awesome Macy's finds tonight...just popped in there to see if they had anything decent left for the markdowns- and look at what i found :nuts:

    trying to upload pictures quickly....

    I am so EXCITED :yahoo::yahoo:
  2. I wanna see!
  3. ohh macy's stuff? im in. come on lets see the goods =]
  4. I'm here! Show us the goods!
  5. I'm here
  6. Bring it on!!!
  7. I have been wanting a berry tribeca but had given up hope...and got her for a great price!!!!


    And love the beautiful leather poppy x-body so i can wear it chasing after my 3yr old! :nuts:

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  8. awesome great stuff =] love the patent berry tribecca, i wish i had bought it when my store had it, but i think i have enough purple now =P
  9. Gorgeous Tribeca! Congratulations on your awesome finds!
  10. Great finds!
  11. The Berry color is delicious!

    And the crossbody is very nice - feminine sporty :tup:

    Congrats on your great day at Macy's!
  12. this is my first berry bag and i am lovin' it! i ALWAYS get black so this was stepping out of the box for me :P and it was such a great price it makes it even more exciting.

    Thanks for looking!! Reveals are fun...
  13. Congrats! I love your Berry Patent Tribeca Tote - I have the same one in Navy Leather. When I saw mine, it was love at first sight . . . sigh.
  14. That berry tote is just gorgeous. I got the navy one last week, but I think I really like the berry more. Congrats, enjoy her!
  15. Love your Tribeca!! I'm seriously craving me some purple too :drool:

    Congrats on your new stuff!