Ooohhh Mmmyyy 05 Sky Blue Too!!!!

  1. eBay: ***AUTHENTIC BALENCIAGA SKY BLUE MOTORCYCLE CITY BAG*** (item 200031580890 end time Sep-26-06 20:32:51 PDT)

    :wtf: I am in shock!!! I did it...I really did it!!! Thanks too all who frantically let me know about it. I can't believe I will soon have 3 of my dream bags!!! I must be dreaming!!! 2005's everyone of them...Bubblegum Pink City, Magenta Box, and now gulp Sky Blue City!!! Can you just picture them together!! Deana Sighs......and faints!!!!
  2. Thats awesome, I was wondering who got that Magenta Box! Are those all Louis Vuitton boxes in your picture??
  3. Yay! Congratulations, you are building quite the collection, aren't you?
    Enjoy it, it's a beautiful bag and a great deal too!
  4. Congratulations. Very beautiful!
  5. Congratulations!:yahoo:
  6. Congrats! They are all gorgeous colors!! :heart:
  7. Hi! Yes they are LV boxes, but please don't report me to the LV ladies here!!! I think I would be labeled a defector!!! I have been brainwashed by the balenciaga cult...beware, no one is immune to their powers!!! I do still love my LV I swear I do!!! I even took my suede fringe bucket for an outing the other day. I think I felt guilty for taking my bbgm pink city everywhere! And she made me proud, and got all the attention she deserves!!!! Here she is with my pink city and my 2 b-bags to come! I can't wait to picture them together!! Oh and another wall of my walk-in too!!! Before you all faint, not everything in the boxes are LV items.. a lot are, but I love the boxes so much I transfered all my bags, shoes, and accessories into the boxes. The drawer style are my favorite, because no matter how high you stack them you can still get to your things with out tearing the pile down!!!
  8. Wow!! Wonderful deal on that bag and the seller is really very nice! Congrats on such a gorgeous bag, you will love it! Obviously we have similar taste! I have the sky blue city and the magenta box....just missing the bubblegum pink!
  9. yay!! I'm so glad you got it Deana!!!! WOOOHOOO! Dream bags for everyone!
  10. luvshopping90....Oh thanks soo much!! I am thrilled you know the seller, it makes me even more elated if possible!!! I think I am still in shock!!! I bet your two bags together look smashing!!! Do you think it would be overkill to carry all 3 at once???

    :nuts: It must be the shock of it all sending me over the edge!! If someone would have told me yesterday I was gonna own all 3 today, I would have called them crazy!!! I remember drooling over the post of "family pictures" about a month ago! Especially pfer Beverly!!! She has all my favorite colors, and now I have 3 of those same colors!!!! I must be dreaming......:wtf:

    mocean and two were neck and neck getting those msgs to me about the bag!!! Hugs to both of you!! I get all teary when the pf-ers pull together and score one for the team! I still can't believe the price!!! The other one I was contemplating is still listed at $1708.00!!!
  11. Your collection is gorgeous, and I love the bucket bag! I love bright colors! :smile:
  12. Congratulations Deana darling! *Hugs* You did it again! =)
  13. Congratulations - The sky blue color and leather is amazing (I recently bought a hobo on ebay). Enjoy!

    My understanding is that Balenciaga was switching the type of rivets during SS05 production, so that authentic bags may have rivets that are either notched or not notched (check Louisey's ateliernaff site, she may have something about this). I had a teal city that had notched rivets and I just purchased a black city from that season without notches.
  14. :yahoo: Lucky you!!! I am adding that bag to my wish list!! It is absolutely gorgeous!!! :heart:
    Enjoy it!!!