ooohhh income tax returns

Yeah, we are small business owners, so we won't be getting anything back either.
But, I am saving pennies to go to Vegas next year and hopefully make my maiden voyage to a LV store!
i usually give it to my dad cuz my parent's pay for school....but I think if I he gives some back to me it's going towards my student LOC cuz I'm graduating in a year....

i'll just purchase something with my CC when I'm done finals in april! hee hee!
I'm not sure if we'll get money back this year or if we'll have to pay in. I usually get a little back, but my hubby started his new job this year and I'm afraid we'll pay in!!!:sad:
Don't even get me started on taxes. We pay a freaking fortune in and then still usually wind up paying at the end of the year. We can't claim hardly any deductions! UGH Our children don't even help!
This will be the first time we'll have to pay taxes as a married couple so I'm not sure if we'll owe or if we'll get some $$ back. I always got money back in the past but my hubby owns his own business as well as works a full-time job so I'm not sure how it will all work out in the end. :shrugs: