Ooohh I was a bad girl . . .

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  1. I was soo bad yesterday!!! I went to return a framboise mini agenda (bought a pristine authentic one on Ebay for $65 less and instead of returing it, I exchanged it for a Batignolles Horizontal!!!!! (Those exclamation marks are indicative of shock:shocked: not of joy:yahoo: )

    I don't know what my DH is going to say. I have gone absolutely crazy for LV since I got my first bag in April. I added it up last night and I've spent around $7000. What was I thinking???

    And of course I have a wish list.

    And of course, I already have used the "this can be my Christmas present" excuse so I can't use it again.:girlsigh:

    Also, the "it's a limited/discontinued piece won't fly either. :girlsigh:

    This is a baaad obsession.
  2. welome! yup an obsession! its a horrible thing- but the bags are so pretty! ;) well- try to control yourself and enjoy your new bag!
  3. BH! Yay! He´ll mellow down when you say how much you love the bag and how happy it makes you.
  4. Don't feel TOOOO bad..I've spent $4k in the past 3 months. So your $7k since April isn't so off the mark :P . But yes I do feel guilty, and my DH reminds me of my expenditures everyday. :s Can't bear to return anything either!!!!
  5. Bad in deed!!! :devil:
  6. :yes::yes::yes: When he sees you enjoying it he'll be happy for you! Hubbys are nice that way:love:

    Congrats btw and just control your future purchases:graucho:
  7. The thing is, I really want a bag in the discontinued Mandarin Epi, but I knew he'd go absolutely ballistic if I exchanged a $300 agenda for a $1000 bag. That doesn't mean I don't want the mandarin. So that means yet another bag, and probably before xmas.

    The ONE shining light of hope is that I just got a job and the money I earn is what I can spend, so maybe I can sweet-talk him into a little advance since the Mandarin is fast disappearing.

    Fingers crossed.
  8. Congrats! I think I have spent well over that, lol!
  9. So you managed to buy the agenda off ebay and exchanged it in-store for a BH? Wow? I thought they require receipts?
  10. Blushingbaby-- I had just bought the agenda from the boutique and then found an authentic one on Ebay. It arrived and I compared it to me absolutely authentic one--a perfect twin--so I returned the one I bought from the boutique.

    Sometimes, it is possible to find real LV on Ebay:amuse:
  11. BAD:devil: is GOOD:angel: CONGRATS!!! :yes:
  12. Good to be bad for LV..
  13. Congrats on the BH! Hmm...maybe I should consider doing this one day, heheh :graucho:
  14. shhh there is a gorgeous mandarin speedy on the snob
  15. Bad, Bad, Bad, lol. You sound like me :smile: . We run out of excuses for the DH!
    Enjoy your new purse :smile:
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