Oooh What to buy??

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  1. Hello! I'm vaneea. This is the first time for me to write a post in this forum. I'm so glad that I found it!!!

    I want to buy a new purse for this comming season!!! I have a bugdet around 1300ish... I don't know what to buy.. Any suggestions??

    Originally, I wanted to buy LV Trapeze PM. I fell in love with it when I saw it around thanksgiving. I should had buy it right away. But I thought that it would be better if I asked my mum to buy it for me when she went to Hong Kong last October. It was going to be tax free after all. But... yeah... it was already sold out before she got there.

    Does anybody know when they are going to produce some more???

    Anyways... I am looking for another purse to buy!!! So ckueless on what is worth my money this time of year.

    I was thinking about the new Dior Flight Leather Shopper (

    I was also thinking about one of the LV denim. Pleaty or Neo Speedy.

    What do you guys think? Is there another good purse that I should take into my consideration??
  2. Those are all nice choices. Do you have some ideas of how you'd use it (work vs. play) and what you'd want to wear it with (jeans vs. suits)?
  3. I don't think they're going to produce some more of the trapeze pm since it's a cruise bag. Also since it's sold out in Hong Kong and you really want it, why don't you just get it in the states?

    Out of the three choices, I think the Dior Flight Shopper is the prettiest. And this is coming from a LV fanatic ;P
  4. I like the Dior flight shopper too :biggrin: I'm partial to Dior though. You can call the LV in Hawaii, they still have the Trapeze GM and PM available, well as of a few days ago. Doesnt look like they are selling out here yet.
  5. don't like the dior shopper, rather the new speedy.
  6. oops neo speedy.
  7. Can you post pics of the Trapeze?? I've never seen it and couldn't find it on the LV website.. :P

    I like the dior a lot..
  8. [​IMG]
    Sorry about the tag and crappy picture. I borrowed my sis's camera that weekend because I forgot mine's at my apt.

    Also it's on the vuitton website but instead of English you have to access the France one and then click on eshopping (top left) > femme > sacs de ville > collection cruise
  9. if i had that kinda money to spend i'd always go for chanel.
  10. I second that...although your choices are lovely. And, welcome to the forum!
  11. Ooooh, I saw that one in Copenhagen this week! I really like it!! :biggrin: It comes in two sizes, right?? I really liked the smaller one. though I'd be worried about getting it dirty :shame:

    Thanks for posting the pic! ;)
  12. Hey guys, thanks for the replies =3.

    I just graduated from college, so my style is still in transition I supposed. I'm still looking for a job, so I haven't worm too many suits other than for interviews. So I go with jeans most of the times. I am looking for a more mature style though. =).

    It is true that I was kind of concern about the fabric on the Trapeze. I'm quite clumsy.
    Do you think that I would have problem with keeping the Dior clean?? I have 2 black bags already, a gucci and LV Epi Leather Soufflot, so I want to add a different colour into my collection.

    I never own a channel? Is it worth it? I always thought that the style is so undistinctive from bag to bag? Can somebody say otherwise?

    Thanks people!!
  13. I suggest you buy a classic. Speedy LV or a Chanel. I always started with these....than if i have extra money in the future i will get more fashionable and trendy a balenciaga or a paddington.
  14. sorry, VWS... I personally do not like Speedy LV. It's far too common. >.>. I prefer something more stylish, don't know *confused*.
  15. Yea, the GM is $1350 and quite big on me. You're welcome!