Oooh so this is how my collection looks like! Let's share! :)

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  1. Ok, following the footsteps of Etenebris, I checked out and omg it is quite fun and easy! :smile: I just thought I'd share a collage of favorite things that are in my closet. Care to share yours?;)

    Oh and Thanks for looking!!!:P

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  2. oh yeah, i dont have the neverfull azur yet.. but about to. ;)
  3. What a fab collection! Polyvore is fun! I want to give it a whirl too!!!
  4. Great collection!
  5. Go!!! You must try it!!! :P then come back!:woohoo:
  6. I have the same hermes belt as you! And, the azur speedy 25 and the panda keychain!!!! Cool.... I haven't heard bout that site, but will check it out! Oh, and I have the Shirley too, but mine is! That's cool!
  7. Great collection!
  8. Great collection so far, do you have any pics of your bags as well ? :yes:

    I started working on one of these and then I realised - I have a lot of bags I don't use, and I can't find pictures of some of them, rats !
  9. love your collection!
  10. Love it! Great collection :smile:
  11. great collection
  12. I love your collection!!! maybe one day mine will look like that lol one day...............<<sigh>>
    im looking for a two tone watch , any suggestions?? love the rolex!
  13. thanks ayla! I just used google images search and then clipped them to polyvore. :biggrin: it's easy to add items. :P
  14. i have a Tag Heuer two-tone aquaracer for everyday use. It gets compliments too. I save the rolex for other days. I also want a cartier in the future. :biggrin:
  15. how cool is that we have the same taste!!! :smile: i also have the H belt in brushed gold and a white/hermes orange strap. seemed redundant so didnt add it anymore. Don't you just love it? ;) make one too! :woohoo: