Oooh.. So excited!

  1. Please say hello to Miss Plomb.. Just feel like to share with everyone here! :party:
    Picture 001.jpg

    Picture 002.jpg

    Picture 004.jpg

    Picture 007.jpg
  2. Oooooh it's gorgeous.
    Congratulations! Really lovely bag!
  3. So nice!!! Does that color have any undertones you that you can see?
  4. Ooooh pretty!!

    How is the leather???
  5. Wow! Congratulations, candies!!! Your Plomb with SGH is incredible...
  6. Enjoy your gorgeous bag! Plomb looks grayer in your pics. than in some pics. on other threads (where it looks more black).
  7. Thanks for the compliments ladies!
    TT- it looks very dark grey.. i feel there's little blue undertone!
    Verty- the leather is great, thick and smooshy compare with my cafe GH..
  8. Candiesim. Congrats on your bag it looks great.

    I was hoping that i would be able to see pics of this lovely color since im placing my order tomorrow from BNY.
  9. That looks great, congrats!
  10. LOVE it!! Great color, fabulous chewy leather, and love the silver GH. Congrats!
  11. ooh sounds great - enjoy her!
  12. Beautiful. So excited about this color.
  13. congrats!!! it's gorgeous!!!
  14. Awesome!!!
  15. I love it! plomb is a really classy colour, the leather looks TDF .......I wonder if the F/W 07 will be softer leather???