oooh rose... *drool*

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    Does anyone else have this bag in this color?? I just wish this bag wasn't so damn heavy... Oh, but it's sooooooooooo gorgeous!! Was rose really a Japan exclusive? If so, it must have only been for this particular bag style since I just bought the rose Legacy flap at my outlet...

  2. how much did you get it for again? i am still daydreaming about your gorgeous purse! can i borrow it ; P
  3. it wasn't a Japan exclusive. That's just another hook line and sinker.

  4. The rose Legacy flap retailed for $358 here in Hawaii but I got it for $176 + tax. I can't wait to go out to dinner and use it!! Sure, you can borrow... You gotta fly to Hawaii, though. *lol* I don't wanna send it through the mail!

    allison: Ugh. Typical. But oooooooooooh soooooooooo gorgeous. *lol*
  5. :drool: Love it!
  6. i love the color, but yea, it's too heavy. damn!
  7. LOVE IT!!!! Omg..
  8. i was just kidding, i'm so so in love with it -- you're too sweet!
  9. Oh roseeee, how I love you so.. :heart: :drool: