Oooh new Chloes - and a serious change in style!

  1. "Transitions Colour Block" Bag:


    "Odessa" Bag:

  2. "Riva" Messenger:


    "Elsa" Tote:

  3. I've seen the clutch like this one in either Elle or In Style magazine. Cute but not for me!
  4. I dislike the first one very much:push:... it looks cheap, the kind of bag you'd find in a flea market at a seaside resort:tdown:... Why doesnt "Mother Chloe" give us what we really want?:cursing:

  5. :tdown:I think they're all horrible:yucky: . I certainly wouldn't want ANY of them :nogood:. What is going on with the designers at Chloe :confused1:? Judging by these pics, I wonder if the glory days drawing to a close :s ?
  6. I actually kinda like the Riva messanger. Gosh - the designer is really trying to shake things up. Freshness is necessary - but so is "cuteness" - HELLO?! Anybody home, Chloe?

    Where did you find these, i_wona? Looks like Bergdorf's pic background??
  7. The Elsa is kind of cute but I don't like the big Chloe patch in the front.
  8. Eeek! :push: I don't like the look of any of them :tdown:

    Still loving the new style "Saskia" and some of the new Bay and Paddy shapes/versions so hopefully all is not lost :yes:
  9. What do you think i_wona?
  10. I guess the Elsa is OK, but none of these are as lust-inducing as the Paddingtons and the Bays of the days of yore!!!
  11. None of them really appeal to me. If it will be like that in upcoming collection then I might as well go nuts and buy everything I want from spring collection:lol:
  12. Oh dear, DO NOT like! But at least that means fewer to add to the 'to purchase' list. Every cloud......
  13. Disappointing..

    Having said that, I am still waiting for the Chloe Edith to come out in more colours!!! I am definitely old school when it comes to Chloe...
  14. Would have to see IRL before making a 'final' judgement, but from the pics, not too exciting. The Riva could have possibilities. It is really hard to follow the hits Chloe has had in the past.
  15. How about a python paddy clutch? Or a python Heloise?

    Unfortunately don't have photos, but saw them at NM lookbook:drool:

    BTW, NM stores will be carrying the purple medium Heloise, not prune, but the pigalle (I think). Medium is $1870. Will be available sometime next month.