oooh my new V Prive Louboutins

  1. wow :heart:

    Just had these delivered, and they are glorious :yes:

    A dark, dark green with gold peep toes, I just love them

  2. those are HOT!
  3. wow!congrats!:love:
  4. those r soo hot!!!
  5. :heart: :heart: Absolutely LOVE them!! :heart: :heart:

    This reminds me that I need to start wearing mine a lot more (if we finally get some warmer weather here) -- they are sooo comfortable.
  6. :nuts: HOT!!!
  7. yep, warm weather is on the way here.

    I need to plan a cool night out so I can give them a first outing hee hee ;)

    thanks for the lovely comments, I adore Louboutins, but this pair gave me an extra sigh today!
  8. Wow! Gorgeous! Enjoy them!
  9. Wonderful buy!
  10. Wowser

    They are amazing!

    Lucky gal, know the gold toed ones are rare so you did good!

    Wear them in good health
  11. Gorgeous shoes. Congratulations.
  12. thank you lovelies!
  13. Wow this color is so unique & gorgeous! Is it still available in stores? I missed out on this color when it first surfaced at 6 or so months ago :sad:
  14. You have the best shoes! We need a family portrait!
  15. ooooooooooooo............. SHINY!!!!!!! :biggrin: