oooh lookee lookee! Retail therapy: another sequel!

  1. Don't you just love shopping when you're unemployed?? So naughty yet so delicious :graucho:.

    Anyway as promised earlier here are pics of my new amazing Coach scarf and paired with my new Theory merino wool sweater vest. Still needs a few creases smoothed out and I will have fun trying ways to tie this scarf!

    oh and if you're a Theory addict like me you will be happy to know this vest also comes in a deep pine green (basil). And yes of course I got that color too, LMAO!!:yahoo:.

    woo hoooooooooo!!
    coach scarf 001.jpg Coach scarf 002.jpg
  2. you need a bag in clay to complete the look! GORGEOUS!
  3. love the scarf!! scarves like that just really add a nice touch to outfits - it goes well with that vest. congrats on your purchase!
  4. oh my sweet C, the clay pusher!! Love you, GF!! :heart: I know, it's like an alcoholic in the bar...I'm just in gooey love with all the grey this season as I hardly ever wear anything else every F/W!! Mark my words, I WILL get something in Coach clay this soon as paychecks start again, LOL. :yahoo:
  5. Who me? Clay pusher?:shame: LOL.....When you get your first paycheck, you should DEFINITELY reward yourself with some Clay. I bet it would look awesome with most of your wardrobe.:tup:
  6. I'm lovin' the grey too - Great scarf / vest combo. Looks fab! Retail therapy is so much fun!
    Oh, and a belated congrats on the job! :wlae:Rest up and enjoy being off before you have to go back to the grind!
  7. She took the words right out of MY mouth!!! LOL...GREAT choices Pursegrrl!!!! You are going to look GREAT at your new job...and get that clay bag!!!! LOL
  8. I LOVE that scarf :drool:
  9. I love Theory.

    A Clay GiGi would really set this off... :graucho:
  10. Weird question. but how long is that scarf or what is the style number? Do they come in names? Like you know, a small purse is a demi and a larger one might be a satchel? Maybe I am crazy, but I am new to scarves and want a bunch! Thanks and I love your outfit!
  11. hey not weird at all! Style 98023 and they are 10" x 60":

    Hamptons scarf print oblong...:tup:
  12. I have never worn a scarf, i have a few and if i ever wore one it would be as a belt or a ponytail, but you have inspired me today , to throw caution to the wind. I wear black to work all the time and that would be too cute, thanks for sharing.... Window shopping here is so much fun..
  13. Dang you guys, ITA...GiGi or the legacy shoulder bag in clay is my next conquest once the $$ start rolling in again. :drool:
  14. love it, congrats.
  15. Just beautiful - and I agree with everyone else - gotta get a clay bag! (Tho' the scarf will look scrumptious next to black ali too!).