Oooh La La - something came in the mail on my day off :)

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  1. I finally got a pair of nudes!


    You know that line from SATC where Carrie is all like "Hello Lover"

    That's sort of how I feel about these.

    Anyways, hope you like my mirror shots. Lol the advantages of having mirror doors on my closet.
  2. Those mirror shots are like being in a fun house!
    Fantastic nudes! Congrats, purly! :tup:
  3. oooh love em! congrats!
  4. OOO I REALLY REALLYL LOve them!!! Congrats! Are they the Nude declics? They look great
  5. OOOO Purly, I wanted those sooo bad your a lucky girl. Are they comfy?
  6. They're great = perfect match for your skin tone :tup:
  7. Oh hot! I love them!
  8. Very nice! Congrats and love the mirror shots!
  9. Definitely the most comfortable pair of Loubs I own to date. The only thing comparable are these:
    The fit is similar.
    But these nudes I just got have a platform so there's more cushion between my foot and the ground and that makes them far more comfortable, especially on my uneven hardwood floors.
  10. purly, those are gorgeous!! What is the exact heel height of those? I noticed when I went into NM they had two different heel height of the declics. The nude was the shorter heel and the black one was a little higher.
  11. 4" from bottom to inner curve, but there's a half inch hidden platform in the front so really it's like wearing 3.5"ers which is really very easy to do.
  12. Thanks purly. I was worried they would be too high.
  13. Group Shot!


    The ones on the left fit comfortably, but have the unfortunate habit of "flip flopping" a little bit when I walk in them, even though all the straps are fully tightened. I also wear them the least because I have no clothes that match them and they're only really good for the summer evening dates.

    Second to the left are my second most comfortable pair. I've actually worn these to the office! The peep toe is perfect and my toes don't get wedged uncomfortably in them. The leather bends around the foot so no skin pinch occurs. BUT on hard floors they become uncomfortable because there's only a few layers of leather between you and the floor. And forget about it if you have a piece of sand stuck to the bottom - it's like the princess and the pea!

    Second to the right: I thought these would be awesome because the heel is low, but actually the point in the front makes my pinky feel wedged. Any higher size and they wouldn't have fit though, so I'm going to try to get them stretched a bit.

    On the right: my nudes! I haven't worn them long enough to tell you all how comfortable they are after a day of use, but just walking around they feel super comfy!

    Gosh this is a nice day off :love:
  14. Love, love, love the nudes!!! How does the sizing run on these?