oooh! just saw a black kooba sienna....

  1. one of the teens in the neighborhood just walked out to her car carrying this. just thought I'd let you guys know....:lol:
  2. I am happy you saw a real one, I see girls wearing fake siennas more then the real ones and they are sooo missing out!
  3. Oh man, that's my HG of Kooba!! No offense to my desert sienna but black is TDF.
  4. I once saw a woman carrying a Sienna in a store in Yorkville. I approached her and asked her if it was a Sienna - and she confirmed it was - a smooth leather gorgeous beauty. I asked her if I could touch it and she said yes! LOL. How funny is that? Most people would probably call the cops, but when it comes to women and their purses, it's actually something that we don't think twice about! :lol:

  5. I just came home from checking out the Koobas at Neiman Marcus in Boca. Saw the Kylie and Eden in both pewter and mink. (The new metallic color Pewter is to die for, liiked it more than the mink.)

    Struck up a conversation with the SA about the new Kooba line, handbags in general, and her once working for Queen Noor (now that woman had some handbags!) among other things.

    In the end she commented on my Cognac Lucy, and stated how she likes the older lines too, then stated touching it and petting it right there in the salon! I couldn't say much as I would probably be the type to do the same thing....LOL :nuts: