Oooh! I'm gonna' be grounded!

  1. I went into the city, to get my hair done, and one thing led to another...and...I'm gonna' be grounded when DH gets home!

  2. Oooooh!!
  3. oh my. I wanna see what you got! haha.
  4. My Goyard purchase:

    A new coin purse. I've been eyeing it for awhile. I ALMOST got a colored one..but, just thought if it's gonna' get dirty...why?! So I went with the "natural"

  5. From LV, I picked up an agenda refill--I got the BIG I have more room to right! YAY!

    But, the IMPULSE buy was a little pen to FIT in my agenda! It's gone pen-less since I brought it! Poor thing!

    Originally, I was going to get a little blue pen from Tiffany's (I have the blue Groom agenda) but, it didn't really fit in grabbed this one!
  6. So far, so good....but open up that orange bag, woman!!
  7. I'm getting to it! I'm getting to it!

    I wanted to SHARE the whole day! And let you see WHY I was gonna' be in trouble!
  8. Here's the "H" bag!

  9. I ran in to "H"--I mean, if you're in the SHOULD go to the boutique, right?!

    I'd called to see if they had a particular item...okay...I'll admit it! I wanted the Scarf Cards! I'm DYING for them! They just look so cool! They said they didn't have them when I called but, you never know...
  10. I "consoled" myself with some other stuff....
  11. Oooooooooohhhhhh
  12. A twilly and a pochette?
  13. Open! Open! :popcorn: :drool:
  14. [​IMG]

    The Ribbon Twilly! I had purchased the pink colorway of this design but, I really like it like this! I may take the pink one back...
  15. It's coming! And yes, Cynthia - a Twilly and a Pochette! You're good!