oooh I'm embarassed...

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  1. How do I say this....a couple years ago, before knowing about TPF, I ended up buying a fake black venetia on eBay. Ugh, when I realized this (when I saw all the posts about fake venetias a year later on TPF upon joining), I felt bamboozled (bamboozled I tell you)! Well I know I'm not the only one that's been duped on eBay and bought a fake purse, so here's my question. What do you with that scarlet letter bag? Mine is sitting in my closet hidden and every time I go to switch bags, that stupid fake is there calling ...ugh. It had the riri zippers and the right push lock, but no riri zipper on the inside and that darn elephant sat on suede...ugh...thud.
  2. I totally feel your pain. Fortunately for me I had just got my overpriced FAKE piece of leather, when I found tPF *Authenticate this..*. While it was pretty, it wasn't worth the money I spent. I was able to stop the sellers funds via PP and sent it back with a quickness! If I had kept it, it would have been given to my niece. She's too young to know the difference.
  3. Fortunately, I have not purchased a fake...but, I would just give it to a niece, teen friend or donate it to charity.
  4. If you loved the bag for one year before knowing it was a fake.....just being devils advocate here..but maybe you might use it again?
  5. Great thread - I actually got a Topaz Ingrid about 6 months ago and I was bummed! The chain was silver and the pushlock was gold! :wtf: And the leather texture was just weird....not at all like my Ivory Ingrid. Luckily I knew right away and got a refund from the seller. He then offered it to the second highest bidder....another tPFer....who then contacted me about it! What a scammer!:cursing:
  6. you shouldn't be embarassed. we all know this happens to a lot of us and it sucks! I think if you can part with it, donate it to charity or to a friend/family member who doesn't mind a faux hand me down. Someone will find a good use and new home for your bag. Or as another tpf'r has done...fill it with kitty litter!
  7. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
    I have a fake Chloe from eBay that I should put litter in! blech!
  8. The thing with donating it to a charity, second hand shop, etc. is that someone further down the road might not know it's a fake and thus the whole cycle would start over again. I second giving it to a friend/teen who wouldn't mind carrying a faux MJ. (make it known that it's not real, but I'm assuming it's pretty darn close??)
  9. its a good question - i guess its a learning curve for us newbies!
  10. thanks gals. i did like it for awhile before knowing. i'm still unsure about donating to charity or giving to a younger niece or such. i guess for now it will just sit in my closet hidden.
  11. I don't see why taking the tag out prior to donating wouldn't be a problem. Would it? IDK.

    OP, please don't feel bad that you got duped, I was just as sick when I was told that mine was not real. I know that you have found other beautiful replacements.
  12. I was going to say give it to charity too...But I never thought about the resale prob if they wanted to sell it....eek....there has to be a little girl you know that would want to play dress -up w/ it..I know this sounds totally wasteful...but if it happened to me..and my niece didn't want it..or my girlfrind's kids didn't want it..I'd throw it out :push:
  13. Oh don't feel bad, most of us have been duped, if you want to donate it to charity you could take off the name plate and write 'I am not a real Marc Jacobs bag' on the pocket lining. :smile:
  14. my first mj was a fake. i bought a dark brown venetia from a seller who guaranteed money back if it was found to be inauthentic. well, i carried it proudly for about three months. meanwhile, i was starting to have doubts about it. the leather wasn't as soft as the venetias i had handled at department store and the suede was so flat. one day, one of the pushlocks broke. it literally just fell off while i was waiting for the subway. it led me to this forum where i found out the truth, stayed to chat some more, and ended up learnig a lot. i didn't get my money back since too much time had lapsed, but it was a good lesson learned. i ended up giving it away to my bf's little sister. hopefully, she loves it enough to want to get the real thing one day.
  15. I say give it to a little girl you know instead of the risk that comes with donation...finding it on eBay.