Oooh I am pissed

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  1. I ordered the portofino sandals in cocoa from Saks in Las Vegas...

    Well they sent them and can you believe that the shoes are 2 different sizes!!! I am soo pissed.

  2. That is REALLY bad! Can you get the correct ones???? Hope so! Good luck!
  3. Well see I'm not sure because they are a sale shoe... plus the SA I ordered through isn't even at work yet. I am thinking about taking them back to my Saks and getting a refund even though my Saks doesnt carry gucci
  4. That's awful. I can't believe that no one at Saks checked to see if the shoes were the same size before packaging them up to ship them to you. Here's hoping that Saks is able to find another pair of shoes for you.
  5. oh no!! whats up with gucci and shipping stuff lately!! YUCK!! sorrrrry sweetie! hope u can get it worked out!
  6. i'm so sorry to hear about this. i hope everything works out the way they should.
  7. Oh no! I hope they can fix this for you...Someone else out in the Gucci world has your same problem.. Hopefully they caught it as quickly as you and maybe they'll return theirs as well so you can get it switched.
  8. Sorry that happened to you. Gucci shipped me the large tote bag I ordered with the the inventory control tag still attached to the inside pocket. I had to return it.
  9. wtf so sorry!
  10. Goodness, this is just ridiculous!
  11. Update!!!

    I spoke with them and they are sending me another pair and I will just have to return the pair that I was sent in the first place.... the shoes are sooo hot though lol
  12. Its good they were able to correct the problem. That is so infuriating!
  13. OMG that happens to my mom all the time...she finally was fed up with that problem, so if she buys them from the store, she always checks the sizes of both shoes to make them match.

    That's horrible, but at least they are fixing the problem! =)
  14. Glad to hear they are fixing the problem
  15. great to hear it all worked out for you!