Oooh! Guess what I saw yesterday?

  1. I was in Bath & Body Works at the mall and saw a guy totally rocking a Damier Azur Navglio. OMG! It was stunning! I was being pulled in another direction by my (non-LV-loving) friend for me to totally take it in, but it was WOW! :heart:

    So guys, you can totally rock the Azur. WOW.

    I also saw tons of Speedies, a lady with the most beautiful long hair who had a Stephen (worn cross body). Oh and a Petit Noe with the most gorgeous patina. I was using my Ellipse PM and usually I don't see anyone with that bag, and I did see another girl with hers! :yes:
    Hooray for the Ellipse!!
  2. Can you post a pic? I can't conjure up on image of what you are talking about. :sad:
  3. Seriously what's more fun than LV spotting, lol! What did you decide to do about the mini pochette acc.? azur or mono?
  4. Were you at Valley Fair? I was there last Saturday & there were TONS of LV's. I love the Ellipse too, but I haven't carried mine since I had my kids.
  5. ^^ Lucky you. Seems like all I see around here are yucky fakes.
  6. The Bay Area is a good place to be...although there are fakes around there is plenty of real eye candy to admire.
  7. Awesome! I love seeing different LV styles on different people- it's 10 times more fun than looking at the pictures on the website. Ooh I love the Ellipse, fabulous bag you have there! So feminine and unique. I never see anyone wear it either.
  8. All I see it fakes- the other day I saw someone with a cherry blossom framed kiss-lock satchel thing :push:
  9. Wow. Yesterday @ work there was someone with a gorg atigua Gm and canelle zippy. But other than that all i see are busted fake.

  10. Damier Azur Naviglio:

  11. that's awesome to see guys rockin LVs! i think they can totally pull it off but so many of them just don't 1. have the taste and 2. nor the guts. they don't realize sportin an LV bag is a total chick magnet. ;)

    thanks for the pic John!
  12. OMG that is sucha hot bag!!!
  13. I love the ellipse. one of my absolute favorites!
  14. I am totally in love with the Naviglio, im just not gonna buy it because i have no use for it :sad:
  15. If you go to the LV website and look under Damier, it is the last bag listed. It's a messenger style bag.

    Thanks John! You rock for posting the pic!

    I wound up getting the monogram mini pochette AND something else. LOL. I started another thread about that.

    Yep, Valley Fair, I am there all the time, LOL.