oooh, DH just called from the Hermes store

  1. to check which kind of kelly bag I want!!!!:love:
    I don't think they have the one I want. but what a great DH, no?:heart:
  2. ack!!!!! What did you say?????
  3. Might he visit the scarf counter while he is there????:graucho:
  4. Aww! What a good man! :tup:
  5. well, I want the black box, gold hardware, sellier kelly. I'm sure they don't have it
  6. but, it doesn't matter if he can't get it tonight. he's still the best! and, we'll always have Paris in Feb :smile: where I'm feeling strangely optimistic. :smile:
  7. Audrey
    send him over here! or get him cloned. plzzzzzz

  8. ah, I love stories like this. :smile:

  9. hope, optimism and :heart::heart: all in one lovely sentence!! I am sending orange vibes your way, audreyhepburn!!
  10. He is so sweet!! :tender: I hope you get your bag in Paris in Feb!! :tup:
  11. That is soooo nice!!!!!!:heart:
  12. Absolutely YES! Lucky you! I can't imagine every DH wanting to go to an Hermes store to shop for his wife. Some find it so daunting. My DH, for example, has NEVER stepped into my local H store. Although he had done so in London.
  13. he's a keeper!!!
  14. What a wonderful DH!
  15. That is so sweet!