Oooh Berkeley! Beautiful Berkeley!

  1. Just called 866 and the SA told me it's been pushed back to June 1! argh.

    Anybody been waiting patiently for this bag? I've been waiting to see pics- but as time goes on I'm starting to LOVE this bag! IT HAS FEET! It has the Inventeur plate! It has a zipper! It has pockets inside! The handles seem larger than the Speedy handles! Anybody else planning on getting this bag?
  2. nah, it looks like a Duomo which I like more
  3. It's something I need to see in person in order to completely fall in love with. No plans to purchase at this point.
  4. I want it ! But i can't wait until june :sad:
  5. Well I posted a thread last night talking about tons of new LV stuff on but it was moved of course and no where to be found but tons of new jewerly for women, 3 new wallets, all the same style but in mono, mc and epi, and more!

  6. :drool: :drool:
    Thanks for the eyecandy:heart:
  7. I can't wait to see one in mono
  8. Matt you copy cat I also made a thread!!!
    Emmm i like it but think I will have to see it IRL, maybe if i didnt have a speedy... But for the price its supposed to be coming out for I would rather put the money to my Le'Tal fund! xx
  9. I love this! Want to see IRL but I am definitely putting it on my 'want' list!
  10. Luva Pug
    Around how much will the bag cost???Pls let me know

  11. I have!! and I've been popping out to post whenever someone mentions this bag the last couple of days here:nuts:. This is pretty much my dream bag!! I didn't get speedy, ribera mm, duomo, or any others and have been waiting for something like this. Can't wait to see IRL!!

    PS: It said $1420 in the look book.
  12. Yes, I am going to get it in Ebony! Can't wait!!!! :drool: :drool:
  13. :sad: June 1?? I really like the reg. Damier!
  14. It's like an upgraded speedy. They are putting out so many new really pretty things in damier, maybe we'll see a new colour by 2008..
  15. Love this! Bummed that it won't be out until June!