Oooh, Bag increased in value!

  1. Just checking out Louis vuitton website (just looking, honest :shame:smile: and the MM Ellipse I bought last Jan has increaded in value by £120, not bad huh ladies????

    I know i'd never get the price I payed for it back if I ever sold it but its always good to know thats its going up in price!

    Good news huh ladies???:yahoo:
  2. Thats great! its one thing i love about LV as long as you get it early.

    I noticed when i bought my MC Speedy that i paid $1610 or something like that for it and now its up to $1910! Im glad i bought it when i did.

    I know when i bought my croissant MM i paid $800 for it but it was very soon to when they stopped making it so im sure i could have got it much cheaper if i had done so ealier.
  3. That's great...I own one as well!!
  4. One of the few things besides real estate that appreciates, isn't it?
  5. i remember when i bought mini-looping when it first came was $445 then.

    now it's $725!!! ;):heart: