OOOH Aquamarine...

  1. I am just after talking to sales ppl in Dublin about getting an aquamarine bal and im RAGING :cursing: not only they havent a single bag in that colour, but they won`t even let me place and individual order for it - how ridiculous is that ?!?:cursing:

    so this is where my question pops : could someone living in Europe give me a hint where i could order or get aquamarine that would be shipped abroad, to Ireland ?

    and what is the story with RH on aquamarine - is it only available with giant at the moment and if yes, when will rh be available ?

    a thousand thanks for your help ladies ! :heart:
  2. The Aquamarine is available in the regular hardware; unfortunately, I don't know where you would be able to find one in Europe other than Bal Paris.
  3. I order mine from bal paris, but they call the aqua ""cobalt"" I made the mistake to order the aqua and they send me the vert garzon!!they said this is the aqua??WTF, I was very angry but the give me free shipping for returning the bag, and I send the vert back, now I am waiting for the city""cobalt"" in RH. It's easy, you call them,( I talked to Kevin) placed the order and they send you a form ( via fax) you send the form back ( credit card details, copy of your passport,etc..) and that's it.They ship everywhere. I will post pics with mine arrives.
  4. By the way i live in Sweden and the bag was here in just 2 days!
  5. I can never find anything at PalParis.... I wish I could as it would save me lots of import duties from BalNY as I am in the UK. Maybe I should give them a call and see what they have i want.... lol

  6. thank you so much dear ! im gonna call them asap ! :yahoo:
  7. I found the same thing to be true at my local Bal-dealer (Barneys). They don't do special orders, and they get what they get from Bal-NY. However, they do have a list of what they're going to be getting. A customer asked to see the list, because she was irritated that some particular bag was not available - and the SA told her it would not be available at that store, ever, and offered to show her the actual list of "upcoming" bags. I should have looked at it myself, but I'm a newbie and by the time I realized there was such a list, I had settled on a black City - which every girl needs.

    Whatever that medium blue color is called, the Barneys BH expected to get some in later this Spring, but I don't know what styles.