Oooah, guys...

  1. Ok, so I saw bianco in person for the first time.

    I liked it more than I would be super sexy for summer! I really like the rainbow zippers and gold against the white.

    Now I want a bella in it...maybe it won't be too hard to get a deal on it, since I might be the only person who wants one.
  2. I'm sure if you wait you'll be able to get one at the outlets... probably not in time for summer though :shrugs:
    I think it's kind of neat but to me it's not worth the price. If you like the zippers against white check out the nuvola too.
  3. Yeah, summer would probably be over by then. How does one end up with a Macy's coupon? If I could find one of those, I'd be a happy girl.

    I looked at the nuvola, but I'm not a backpack girl. Would definitely be great in the white, too, though!

    I guess now I'll have to start keeping my eyes open for a deal!
  4. I'm a nuvola pusher :yahoo:
    Does Macy's have them in white? If they do they're probably going to be your best deal in time for summer... I don't think anyone else carries it in white.
    Make sure you scotchguard it right away.
  5. Your nuvola-pushing won't work in this case. :smile:

    I have no idea WHO has them in white...! But if I find one, it'll definitely be scotchguarded ASAP.

    Has anyone seen any bianco anywhere? Can anyone tell me how one would end up with a Macy's coupon?
  6. You're not the only one that wants one. I was also thinking about getting the bella in bianco also. :smile:
  7. I'm not sure exactly. Usually signing up for an e-mail list is a good start.:shrugs:
  8. Excellent, I've got a bianco buddy! Have you seen any?

    More I think about it, the more I'd like one. Since I have NO purses whatsoever that are more dressy/neutral. Seriously, I don't even have a black purse.
  9. I did that one already, I hope that's all it takes. :smile:
  10. Macy's has them in bianco. I've seen them there. I have no idea how to get a coupon. I too signed up for the e-mail about a month ago. I used to get macy's coupons ALL the time. Check your local paper and your sunday paper for advertisements but I haven't seen any at all lately. Do you have a Macy's credit card?? If not, if you open one you get 15% off your purchase and you get coupons in the mail...that would be a score!!

    I just went to the supermarket and a bottle of scotchguard was $8.50...seemed kinda high...I'm gonna check Target but is that how much it costs??? My bag is getting filthy and I've used it about 7 times..:sweatdrop:
  11. You made me :nuts: I'm after a Nuvola and I'll probably use it about 3 times!! LOL!!
  12. I haven't seen any in person since none of the stores here sell any Tokidoki bags but I've seen pictures and it looks really cute. I love the rainbow zippers against the white. I have the bella bella in black because I loved how the rainbow zippers looked against the black and now I want the bella in white. I want to wait and see if I can find it for a cheaper price though because 130 is too much for the plain print.
  13. I actually really liked them in person too, especially the super-shiny gold hardware (and I'm not usually a gold person).
  14. I'm Canadian -- I don't get Macy's ANYTHING up here! I officially will be relying on you guys to help me out when I head down to NYC.

    I do know I can scam a 10% discount from them, as I am from out of the country. But I'm too greedy just for a 10%!
  15. I'm the same. But gold is good in the right places. :smile: