ooo who designed these 3 buckle flats?

  1. Kate bosworth has got it going on!!! i never knew.. I love these flats does anyone know who makes these? thanks
  2. Are they Chloe?
  3. not sure but they're super cute!
    I've seen Miu Miu do something similar..and MJ too.
  4. Pretty sure those are indeed CHLOE.
  5. Those are absolutely Chloe, from S/S '07
  6. Chloe. Marc Jacobs did a similar style but not as cute IMO.
  7. it's Chloe! I really like these ones too!
  8. Adorable Chloe! :love:
  9. Ugh...Chloe flats. They're cute, but they kinda suck. I bought a really cute pair with 2 straps, and there is absolutely zero traction. Maybe you're more disciplined than I am and will take them directly to the cobbler for rubber soles. If not, prepare to bust your a** when you walk on a semi-slick floor. I wore mine the other day and was sliding all over the place in my office's marble lobby. It was only a matter of time before I fell, and sure enough, I slipped (hot coffee in hand) and am now completely bruised. Hit my elbow on the wall and my knees on the floor. Seriously, I'm a klutz, and you can remedy the soles - but the shoes are just not very well made for the price.
  10. ^^^ Must be something about Chloe soles as I was wearing my knee high Chloe boots at my local mall the other day and went skating!! Luckily my other half was me to cling onto