ooo new chloe boots... keepers??

  1. Neiman Marcus
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  1. i got these today!!! what u ladies think? keep em?
    chloeboots01.jpg chloeboots02.jpg
  2. I love those Chloe boots! I have been eyeing them because I am addicted to Paddingtons! I think that they would look fabulous over skinny jeans.
  3. yay!! definitely keep them....
    that are so pretty:nuts:

  4. definately keep them!!!
  5. They're gorgeous, I love them!:love: Congrats! :flowers:
  6. Yes yes!!! :love::heart::love::heart: I love those boots so much, been toying with buying them myself!!! :shame:
  7. Keep them for sure!!!:yes: :yahoo:
    They show off your toned legs too!:smile:

    I love them...:love: :love:
  8. Hot!!!!
  9. Love Them
  10. aww thanks!

    well ladies i do think they've earned a place in my heart!
    now... how to pay that credit card bill!!! haaa!
    :heart: :heart: :heart:
  11. yes YES yes. It's worth the CC bill. Gorgeous!
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