Ooo, la, la, Josephine!!!

  1. Josephine Baker has finally landed back on American soil and repatriated herself in the form of an Hermes scarf. She is currently available at NYC in several colorways: black/white, black/red, earthtone, aqua, and lavender. Official title is "Josephine Danse" and it is a depiction of Josephine Baker in pointilist's point of view. I fell in love immediately.:love:
  2. It's incredible! Thank you for sharing it with us. Is it only available at NYC?
  3. Oooh that's pretty :flowers:
  4. Beautiful. Is it available in a plisse version?
  5. one of the most stunning scarves I have seen out of the recent releases!
  6. Sarah-girl, the shipment just came in today at NYC. I don't know about the other stores.:shrugs:

    Rose, the plisse version, if it is to be made, has yet to be seen.

    I just had to have it. She is such an icon.:love:
  7. Please model her for us:tender:
  8. I look forward to the scarf being embraced in America in ways Ms. Baker regrettably (and, in my opinion, unforgiveably) was not. Though posthumous, the H scarf is a fitting tribute to a woman who, in Paris, found the receptive audience she deserved.
  9. With all due respect, tomorrow.:cutesy: I'm in my batik print pajamas right now and it would really clash.:P
  10. She was an amazing Lady... an inspiration to all... I will wear the scarf with pride...(when I get my hands on it!)
  11. WHAAAT? just add some bananas! (kidding)
    I love that will go so elegantly with everything!:love:
  12. Sure..... I am sitting here in my sleeping dogs pajamas...
  13. I wish we could have a "hermes ladies nightware thread".:P .. something tells me it would be funny, as I sit here in my Jersey girl T-shirt and bright orange man's swim trunks... (o.k., so my nighty's are at the cleaners!):shrugs:
  14. I am ready for the shore though!:nuts: :wlae: :yes:
  15. Thanks HG! I will hunt it down, whereever it may. I completely love it.