ooo....I love this bag!!!

It's very exciting today seeing there's so many threads about the MC collection so I thought I'd just post my WHITE MC NOE so fellow PFers can hava look see in time for Xmas pressies perhaps!!

This bag is the love of my life since I am posted here (Australia) for work and it's summer!:jammin:


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Thanks everyone! :P

I love the MC Noe, I have a black one as well and this bag is great!
I must admit that I was hesitant to get it at first. MC is such a colourful and playful texture that I may look like a fashion disaster if I were to wake up one morning, running late for work and having to just put on whatever I could grab from the closet...the last thing on my mind would be to get stared at allll day long for not being to pull it off with the bag.
BUT, I went for it and never have I regretted since! In fact, I have clinched several deals with the MC Noe! I couldn't believe it myself how many of my clients actually notice it when I go for meetings and pay me compliments and then that's how the business conversations get rolling! It's my lucky bag! And I have only recently bought the white one on my London trip, now they have company! Hope I get doubly lucky this time! :nuts: :nuts: