Ooo, I just started my savings fund for my BBag :D

  1. I get paid monthly now so that's basically my savings account :biggrin: lol
  2. Excellent :yahoo:
    Have you decided on a style/color already?
  3. How exciting for you! I have recently joined the Bbag savings club too. I am being a very good girl now!
  4. how fun!!! welcome to the bbag club!! :welcome:
  5. Wonderful, I bet you're so excited:yahoo:
  6. Great to hear dat....savings for it can fund u for buyin a bbag....cheers
  7. I am going to start saving after my vaca next month. I want a day bag, but....who knows. Once I make the trip to bal ny I will make my final decission. I hope to have my $$ by sept. Not sure what color but something dark.