OONA fertility health boost

  1. My good friend that works at Whole Body gave me a box of OONA fertility health boost - preparing the body for pregnancy, preconception health - herbal & multi vitamin supplements. You have to take 11 pills every day! I just took my 4th round. She thinks it got her pregnant right away so we'll see if it works for me!
  2. What is in them?? I read this article from WebMD and was wondering where to get this stuff from.... I already take prescription prenatals w/DHA

    And when it comes to female fertility, Mother Nature did not forget she is a woman. In a small study published in the Journal of Reproductive Medicine doctors found the nutrient formula in a supplement known as Fertility Blend increased conception rates. It's key ingredients: folic acid, vitamins E, B-6, and B-12, iron, magnesium, zinc, the amino acid L-arginine, selenium, the herb chasteberry (also know known as vitex), and green tea.
    Indeed, research on infertile women aged 24 to 46 found that those who took the supplement twice a day for three months experienced a measurable increase in both midcycle basal body temperature and progesterone levels -- both of which are used to assess ovulation. The comparison group saw no rise.
    Within five months, one-third of the women taking the supplement conceived, compared with none of the women who were not given the supplement.
    Similarly, a German study found pregnancy rates hit as high as 82% among the women using a vitex supplement, compared with just 45% in the control group
  3. Does it help? Who's had success with it?
  4. I ordered these vitamins and didn't even complete one month before I got my BFP so I don't know if these helped or not.