Oolong Tea...the new Green Tea!!!

  1. I was reading in Dr. Oz's book, 'You Staying Young" that Oolong Tea is supposed to increase your metabolism far better than green tea. I wonder if anyone can say anything about that. I'm buying some today and I am going to start drinking it. I have five stinking pounds to lose before April 4th, and I have been stuck at a plateau now for about 2 weeks. I can't seem to budge, even with going to Curves every day and biking and walking EVERY day for 30 minutes. Something has to give, and I believe everything Dr. Oz says.
  2. Can't seem to get it at any of our health food stores. Only online.
  3. Oh thats interesting, I should go get some too.
  4. Do you have any Asian food stores nearby? You should be able to buy them there. You might also try a Chinese restaurant-- they may sell you a box.
  5. ^^Yes, I think the random Chinese tea you get at restaurants is almost always Oolong tea. Even if it doesn't boost your metabolism, it's pretty tasty tea!
  6. Good idea about the Chinese restaurant or an Asian store. I was reading that it has copious amounts of polyphenols that help control body fat. I only want to lose 5 pounds but I can't seem to jump off this plateau that I have been on. Thanks for the suggestions because I never thought of that!
  7. You know, I just got back from one of the local health food stores here, "Richards Whole Foods", and I got a pack of 16 tea bags. I don't want to say for sure, but I have been at this plateau for 2 weeks now, and I made a cup yesterday afternoon and yesterday evening, and had one this morning, and I jumped on my scale and I lost one whole pound since my plateau!! Now, I don't way to say for sure if it was the tea, but if it was, I'm going to buy a wheelbarrow full!!!
  8. Must get some!
  9. Here's a link from Special Teas. They have a TON of information and quite a selection. I order from them all the time.

    Click here
  10. ^ Thank you for the info!!!!
  11. How much tea does he recommend you drink a day?
  12. One cup in the morning (which I now have instead of coffee) and one cup just before I go to bed. I've been doing this for 3 days now and I've lost one and one/half pounds. I'm exercising and eating all the right stuff, too, but I truly believe it knocked me off that plateau that I've been stuck at for weeks.
  13. thanks for the links!
  14. Oolong tea can be found @ Asian grocers !