Oohhh - so excited - need your help!!!!!

  1. Just had a phone call from my DH.....told him I was having contractions off and on all day (not productive ones, though - I'm technically still a week or so away from giving birth) and He asked if a Kelly Bag would make me feel better.......WHAT DO YOU THINK??? Of COURSE it would - so he tells me he thinks it can be organised for me to buy my first Hermes Bag as a "push present" like you all suggested!!!

    OK, here's what I'd like from you girls:

    What colour suggestions?

    What leather suggestions?

    Size suggestions? H/W suggestions?

    HOW do I go about this?(I know my manager, Greg, at the Sydney boutique fairly well...also a gorgeous SA called Marie), but I have to admit, I visit there fairly sporadically due to being pregnant.

    I'd prefer to get my first bag from the boutique to have the whole experience:smile: , but I'm open to suggestions. I also wouldn't be doing anything about it for a few weeks from now, as I'm on bedrest until my 'other' baby arrives;) . So I have time up my sleeve (and maybe quite a bit if I have to wait for an order!?

    I doubt my budget will run to exotic leathers, and this will be my first Kelly, so no need to start on croc (as much as I'd love to!!), but I'd love to play around with ideas with your help so I make a choice I love!

    Gosh - I get two "babies" at once, I won't quite know which one to carry and stare at!!

    Many thanks for all your ideas, girls!!!!! Let them fly!!!:yes:

  2. omg - first of all, congratulations. if my DH ever said that to me, i'd definitely go into labor immediately. lol.

    ok - hmmmm, here are my suggestions for regular leathers -

    - natural barenia w/ GH and white stitching
    - chocolate box with GH
    - gold anything w/ GH

    and definitely get the 32 cm size & rigid style.
  3. HAHAHAHa!!! I thought that, too!! I just had a blood pressure test a few minutes ago, and it was high, but I thibk it's from the excitment of the bag - not the pregnancy!!!!!!:roflmfao:

    I agree with the rigide....I love them, too.

    Chocolate sounds wonderful....what colour is natural barenia?

    Thanks, HL!!
  4. as it is your first kelly i would most definately go with a classic colour like black,gold,red and of course the rigide shape. the hardware thing i would decide while having alook at my jewelry if it is more yellow or white gold and then decide.
    for the leahers do you wnat a more polished or a more realaxed casual look = ahh tha is so exciting and nice of your hubby :yahoo:
  5. Yes natural barenia (medium brown) would be a great one to start...but close to impossible to get...souple or rigid is up to you both are excellent and a question of style and taste. maybe a Mou (soft leather, souple) would be cool...in a tourterelle (light grey) with palladium? very modern... or any browns - rouge H - and of course black... size 32cm
  6. You guys are such great help! I have a little list going at the moment.....keep the ideas coming!!

    L-Z - love the grey idea - I had never considered that colour!!

    Oh, and if it helps, I'm 5'6", so I suppose either a 28 or 32 would be OK?
  7. I think a 32 would be better, considering your height. Color choice is always subjective, so I always recommend going into the store and trying the different colors on in front of a mirror. Take into consideration your wardrobe and your complexion to decide which color is best for you. I would take lilach's advice regarding hardware.
  8. A baby??? Are you sure you want a Kelly? I can't imagine carrying a Kelly and having a baby. It is a harder bag to get inside of. I LOVE THEM, but just a thought. I have three babies and my Kelly has become my special bag. Would you think about a birkin? The tote would help a bit more at your stage. Just suggesting because I have been through all that and still in that phase with three toddlers. (Especially if you plan to have another baby in a reasonable time after this one.) You could get the 30 birkin which is more like a handbag...

    IF NOT....for the Kelly...if it is an everyday bag do purchase larger than a 28...don't make that mistake because you will need the room. I have to agree go with a neutral toned bag and a darker shade. You will be dragging lots of things with the baby and you don't want to have to worry about your lovely Kelly getting dirty. I say hardware depends on the leather color a bit. Some colors look better with different hw choices. Ultimately black would be lovely in a nice scratch resistant leather. (never a worry that you will match...your personal time will decrease soon) The whole rigide and souple thing is preference...hard to give advice on that one as well. If you do want some color a Rouge H would be nice...still neutral, but HOT!

    SOOOO Many options...can you order or will you be waitlisted? How easy will it be to get what you want...share with us...that helps in giving advice.

  9. Aaah - good luck to you!!! On the baby first, and then on getting the bag lol!! I love the bright colors better than the neutrals IMO -- but for a basic bag, I would love a black kelly...I do agree however that it would be a difficult bag to carry while carrying a baby/toddler....etc....You can't go wrong with Hermes things in any style/color!
  10. Ahhh, yes the Birkin is traditionally a "baby bag" as such, anyway! (wasn't that why they designed it for Jane Birkin, to schlep all her baby things around??

    I didn't lug much around with my first daughter, and probably won't for this one either - -I'm one of those annoyingly neat & tidy travel light people (my friends hate me!) - so while the Birkin would seem the natural choice, I have to go with a Kelly for my first "real" H bag....that and the fact I've been carrying around a picture of a Kelly in my wallet for 16 years!!!!!:shame: .

    The other issue is, here in Australia we only have four boutiques in total (luckily the big one is in Sydney, where I am) and they don't receive nearly as much stock as abroad (I don't think we have the market here?....or the population for that matter!!), so I may have to purchase from outside the boutique (from a reputable seller)?

    DH is laughing at me that I have already jumped on the net to tell you all about it........as if I could wait!!!:rolleyes:

    Love all the ideas!!! I love vert anis...what do you think of that in a Kelly????
  11. Ahhh - and regarding having more babies - NOOOOOO!!:biggrin: This is the last one for us - two is fine with me!! (and DH.....he can't afford more girls, anyway!!!!).

    Oh - forgot to add...the Sydney store has a reputation for having a "closed" waitlist - if you call, they will tell you they're not taking any more names or orders at this time. But I'm a fairly familliar face to the manager and one of the staff, and they have told me there IS NO waitlist....just make it known to them that you're interested in a bag, and I suppose the wheels get put in motion (I've never been lucky enough to "let it be known I wanted a bag!!"). I think after the baby is born, I will pay a visit to the store and just ask what the likelyhood is of ordering a bag, and if I get the cold shoulder start looking elsewhere??????

    They always seem to have a lot more bags at Christmas - can I wait that long? HA!!!
  12. Got the picture!!! I say get what you want and you know best!!! I hear you with the picture in your wallet...NOT ANYMORE!!!! The picture will be replaced with a picture of the next Hermes bag you want!!!!

    Post links to the bag you are thinking about buying and everyone will help you with anything you need!

    BEST OF LUCK!!! The forum is all part of the excitement.

    WAIT...you are having a baby right??? Not just getting a bag...how soon we forget. Hee hee
  13. if you are ultra tidy, a 28 could work on you. you definitely need to try the sizes in person - or make a mock up of the bags (28 & 32) with cardboard to see the proportion with your height. since you might want rigide, it will appear true to size. with the slouch, some think souple looks bigger, and some think it looks smaller. i think it looks bulkier but smaller, yet everyone agrees it does hold more). i think the kelly is perfect. the time for toting stuff, even minimal stuff is a pain, but ultimately short-lived, so don't buy a purse just for x number of years of that (for me it was just 3 years), when the bag will last you so much longer.
  14. What a sweet hubby you have! Congrats on the new addition to your family! Now on to bag talk ..... I think a black Kelly is timeless. I may be biased though because I just got one, and I am so in love with it! For a Kelly I think the perfect size is 28cm. It can be used both day and night. The leather choice is really a tough one. They are all great. Mine is in Clemence and I really love it. It is very matte which IMO makes it less dressy which I like. On the other end of the spectrum there is Box, which is also gorgeous. Shiny, elegant, and on a black Kelly it is to die for. Let us know what you decide.
  15. How sweet of your husband. I would recommend the size 28 as it goes perfectly from day to night. About color and hardware it really depends on your taste ... though you can never go wrong with black, gold, and chocolate brown.

    Kellybag aslo has a point that maybe you can stuff more in a Birkin and have easier access if you want to carry the bag with the baby. But since the Kelly also has a shoulder strap, you can use that too while with your baby.