Ooh that feeling of falling off the wagon..

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  1. You know that feeling when you have been a good girl for quite some time and you suddenly find yourself craving a little something something leathery and wonderful again. I am falling off the wagon. Here we go!
  2. Yes :biggrin: At the start of May, I told myself I'd be good for a month.
    Now it's the end of May. My new bag additions from this month are: LV Pochette Metis, Loewe Mini Puzzle, Chanel Camera Bag, Chanel M/L Classic Flap, Yuzefi Delila bag. YIKES! Writing it out made it even worse... And that's just the bags...

    D'you know what you're craving for? Any wishlist items? Is there a reason you're in the mulberry forum? :amuse:
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  3. I feel the holidays coming, and as I am a mulberry-girl with a weakness for the classic oaks, I really need a Small Bayswater Satchel to go with my Piccadilly and regular Bays...
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  4. A girl after my own heart! I was given a mulberry lily in NVT oak for Christmas and I love it. Trying to decide if the leather is too fragile to take on holiday as my evenings out bag. Were you thinking new small Bayswater or original? The newer oak leather is very different that the original smooth NVT leather which seems to sadly be discontinued.
  5. I am thinking old style, the old classics are the ones I love.. I like the soft classic look.
  6. ... beautiful preloved pristine oak SBS arrived today! Have packed my bags for a weekend getaway, Piccadilly holding my clothes, Bayswater holding my toiletries and SBS with the other essentials. So happy!
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