ooh new wallet :)

  1. i finally got a new chanel wallet with some Nordstrom gift cards- its the classic black caviar leather with a french purse and 6 credit card slots and it snaps closed. i formally carried a chloe silverado wallet. i think these designer wallets are bad news though because I take them out to pay for stuff and convince myself that since I have a nice wallet I can afford whatever it is I'm buying, even though that is probably not the case.
  2. :roflmfao:thats funny, congrats!
  3. I so need a wallet but I just cannot decide on which one. Congrats to you!
  4. lol let's see some pictures
  5. where are the pics lisa?
  6. im lazy i never get around to taking pics- sorry :smile:
  7. LOL, I'm lazy too. I need to post my entire collection!
  8. Oops congrats on your new wallet!